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Coffeee Mug


Coffeee Mug

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Coffeee Mug


Coffeee Mug

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Making handcrafted Coffee Mug

This Mug carries a legacy of Indian art history as Jaipur made its connections with the parent pottery traditions of China and Persia in the 14th century. Man Singh I (1550 - 1614) was the first to bring the art of blue and white pottery to Jaipur.

The journey of our artisan, despite of low income, the respect received for being an artist gives happiness to Ramniwas dada and he says money received is less and being an M. A he could take up other job. However, the love and respect he gets from people when they see his art makes him feel happy so he always wants to continue being an artist. Happiness and respect over money, Ramniwas dada is truly a national asset of India!

Artist Story by Founder

Aditi Khot

A journey of a girl living with the purpose to revive Indian art by building craft production units across India, began from leaving job, self studying Indian art, starting Des Rangeela from balcony and INR 20,000 savings, that's Aditi Khot.

Qualified MBA marketing, Dipl. in Fashion Designing, Post Graduate in Event Management and member of Parivartan Bharat NGO with features and felicitations for Women Enterpreneurship and social contributions.

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