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Des Rangeela's Story


Des Rangeela is a Pune based bootstrapped social enterprise that works to empower Indian artisans, brings Indian handicrafts to your life, building local economy and preserving Indian culture! Des Rangeela works to contribute a share on revival of Indian art and providing sustainable livelihoods to Indian artisans, with a mission to establish Craft production Units and bringing suitable products of your taste that have a heritage and love from India!

We are a trademark certified firm registered under government of India.

Fundamentals of Des Rangeela

Fundamentals of Des Rangeela:

We work with only Geographical Indicator (GI) recognized community heritage crafts of India. We keep artisan welfare at the center of business decisions and operations.

Keeping heritage conservation at core, we serve the customers with premium taste and understanding of art. Focused and fair attention to craft knowledge for audience.

As the organization grows, it is mandatory to make registrations, health insurances along with providing quality and business education for artisan. Regular flow of work with the artisan team for their welfare is mandatory for their sustainable livelihood.

Products, packaging, operations and infrastructure of Des Rangeela must be eco – friendly to promote responsible living.

A profit margin free sale of products for Indian Martyrs family members is mandatory as a gesture of gratefulness for their highest sacrifice for the country.

Conducting a training program for transgenders for hiring them as one of the team members is mandatory every 2 to 3 years

Des Rangeela quality standards are for it’s products, beliefs and collaborations and shall never be compromised upon.